Sexual abuse within the Seventh-day Adventist Church

First of all I was shocked to realise that there is child abuse within our church, however it is a sad reality that among us there are even child molesters.

I never met one, nor I heard for one in my conference, but have heard about one in another one that was fired after allegations.

My personal opinion is that a person who actually did abuse anybodey ONCE, for example he is a clerigy-man should immidiatly be put out of job and reported to police.

Why? There has to be zero tolerance for such cases, becouse once you start to pass over it, abuser feels safe and abuses again. Also there MUST BE NOT coverup of such case. Why? becouse NT instructs us not to participate in works of darkness, rather to expose them.

Worst case scenario is if a person is abusing and Church is silencing the victim, and protecting abuser. Why? Becouse then sooner or later, TRUTH will come out. TRUTH can not be hidded for a long time, it comes out. I guess it’s obvious that it is disgusting in God’s eyes if you do such stuff.

If abuser is clerigy man

a) not 100% shure he in fact molestor



b) 100% shure that child has been molested



If person is layman, do the same!

I repeat, if you act on that way, no shame and no lawsuits against the Church will be made, if you turn a blind eye, you will face legal judgement, from both federal judge, and Jesus Christ.

Sexual abuse is not internal Church matter, it is a matter of criminal investigation, trial and verdict. it’s not shame that there are molesters within our Church, the shame is if Church is hiding those molestors from justice.

What happenes if you don’t react? Remember Pitcairn island and massive abuse that was going on there, Church was silent, and pastors said they knew nothing about it. But was it really so? I can hardly imagine. However it is important to notice that in that case, no pastor was involved, it was layman who were abusers. What to do then…? Just go to police!

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  1. Fr. James Says:

    News just today from Picairn. Keep in mind this Island was completely Adventist. It kept the sabbath. It should have been paradise right? Note that the percentage of abusers was a third of the total population. Remember that when you attack Catholic priests.

    Telegraph-“The abuse was revealed in 1999 and eight men were later convicted during a trial on the British overseas territory in the Pacific Ocean.

    Announcing the compensation scheme, Foreign Office Minister Gillian Merron said: “What happened to these women was terrible and no amount of money will take that pain away. But I hope this will give them some recognition of their suffering.”

    A total of 96 charges were laid against 17 men on and off the volcanic island, 3,300 miles from New Zealand, which has a population of 50 – most of whom are descendants of the mutineers from the Royal Navy ship the Bounty.

    Eight men were eventually convicted of a variety of sexual offences against children. Six received prison terms, including former island mayor Steve Christian, now 57, and two were given community sentences.”

  2. openadventist Says:

    yes but there was no Church abuse, no pastors were molesting

  3. Fr. James Says:

    Oh, that makes it okay then right? How about this? How is that log in your eye doing?

    The Capital-Journal

    MANHATTAN — A Manhattan man who is reportedly a pastor was arrested early Friday morning in connection with molesting a boy.

    Brian N. Savage, 5752 Elbo View Drive, was arrested at 2:44 a.m. on a warrant issued through the Riley County attorney’s office, a Riley County Police spokesman said. He remained in custody at the Riley County Jail in lieu of a $300,000 bond Friday evening.

    Savage was arrested in connection with one count each of aggravated criminal sodomy, attempted aggravated criminal sodomy, aggravated indecent liberties with a child and aggravated indecent solicitation of a child, a spokeswoman for the Riley County Attorney’s office.

    Savage was listed as a pastor of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Manhattan.

  4. openadventist Says:

    yeah but he was arrested and put on trial for that, no accusation against Church.

    no indications that Church was protecting abuser… The fact that he was arrested is a good news, not a bad news for Church
    (that pastor was sentenced)

    “This guy may be the worst sexual predator I’ve ever prosecuted in 11 years because of his position and the way he used it,” Wilkerson said on Wednesday. “He clearly used his position as the minister of a church to commit the sexual offenses he committed.”

    I cant belive that such a person could be pastor!?!?!

  5. Fr. James Says:

    We don’t know if the SDA church was protecting him or not. It did ordain him though. Do you want me to find an instance of that? I am sure I can do so. If I do will you then leave the Adventist church? If not then why do you think I would leave the Catholic Church because you post about scandals? Think about that.

  6. openadventist Says:

    Sir I please you to find me a case when our Church was protecting some molester, I really wonder if it exists, for example instruction from the top of the church, thanxx

  7. Fr. James Says:

    I bet I can find a case. If I do will you leave the SDA church? If not then why?

  8. openadventist Says:

    If there was an order from the top of the Church that was instructing pastors to protect the abuser and islence the victim. The one like Pope Benedict gave, I would leave the church becouse I dnt want to be loyal to organization that protects pedophiles.

  9. Fr. James Says:

    Pope Benedict gave no such order. Bearing false witness is against the 10 commandments btw.

    In fact on Pitcairn it was impossible that the SDA church did not know given the high percentage of abusers. Nothing was done. Lilydale Adventist Academy in Australia also was covered up. That was a horrible case, but I will list some more for you.

    DUNNE James Paul, 46 Melbourne Seventh Day Adventist primary school teacher. Receives maximum 7 year and 2 month jail sentence in Melbourne County Court after pleading guilty to 30 counts of indecent assault and 1 of sexual penetration against boy, aged 11 to 14, over 3 year period between 1984 and 1987 while teacher at Nunawading Seventh Day Adventist primary school, in Melbourne’s east, where abuse occurred. Court hears Dunne, of Lilydale, used his religion to control boy and often prayed with him after abusing him “probably hundreds of times”. Report reveals church tried to buy victim’s silence with bribe of $125,000.(Victoria, Australia, 2002).

    MANHATTAN, KS. — A judge ruled Thursday that a man who was allegedly molested years ago by a Manhattan minister will be allowed to testify at the minister’s trial, where he will face charges that he molested a teen-age boy.

    Brian N. Savage, of Manhattan, was bound over for trial in July. He faces two counts of aggravated criminal sodomy, two counts of criminal sodomy, two counts of aggravated indecent solicitation of a child and one count of aggravated indecent liberties with a child.

    According to court records, Savage, 44, met the then-13-year-old victim at the Seventh Day Adventist church in Manhattan where Savage was a pastor and the victim attended. Savage took on a fatherly role, according to court documents. After a relationship developed, Savage began engaging in sexual acts with the boy, the records say. In at least one instance, Savage gave the boy $100 for oral sex. Some of the molestation took place at the church. (The Topeka Capital journal, Oct. 12, 2001

    CURNUCK Lawrence Joseph, 74 Busselton Seventh Day Adventist youth leader. Receives 12 year jail sentence in Bunbury Supreme Court after pleading guilty to 20 child sex offences, including 14 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, 5 of indecent assault and 1 of indecent dealing, against at least 2 girls, aged around 14, during 1970s at Busselton, south of Perth. Court hears Curnuck, of Busselton, took young girls on camping trips and other activities where he raped and molested them. Judge says Curnuck abused his authority by sexually abusing girls in church group settings. Court told Curnuck earlier received 18 month jail sentence for indecently assaulting child, aged 14, in 1951. (Western Australia, Australia, 1999).

    MIKKLESEN Raymond, 71 Sydney Seventh Day Adventist church member. Receives 3 year $5000 good behaviour bond in Sydney District Court after pleading guilty to 2 counts of indecently assaulting girl, aged 12, between 1982 and 1987. Court hears Mikklesen, of Clovelly, Sydney, assaulted girl on 2 occasions resulting in victim suffering from severe depression, inability to work, low self esteem and weight problems. Report in 1998 says Mikklesen attended Seventh Day Adventist Church at Woollahra, Sydney. (New South Wales, Australia, 1998).

    Dateline: HELSINKI, Finland Employees of Finland’s Adventist church are being investigated for allegations of sexual abuse of up to 10 teenage boys, police said Monday.

    Inspector Harri Rahikka at the Central Criminal Police said the alleged sexual abuse took place over a period of 20 years, mostly at youth camps and a boarding school organized by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Finland. Most of the alleged victims are now adults.

    There is a blog about Adventist abuse:

    There is an organization for those abused by Adventist clergy:

    The SDA’s have had to change their policies and promise to reform. Why? Because abuse was going on and nothing was done. It has cost them millions. They were sued for the same reasons the Catholic Church was sued. The SDA church is very insular, so it created a culture where abusers could get away with it. The SDA church didn’t want the bad press so they ignored it.

    Therefore given all this new information I am sure you are already writing your letter of resignation from the SDA cult. If you aren’t then you never intended to leave and are just trying to score points against the Catholic Church. Ironically you simply exposed the SDA’s nasty little secrets.

  10. openadventist Says:

    Sir, I want it from the top Church officials, general conference for example, not individual cases or local Church.

    becouse local Church is local, and general is general, there is a big difference…

  11. Fr. James Says:

    I gave you examples of cover ups, lawsuits, abuse. That’s what you asked for. If I said well if one local diocese is bad that doesn’t mean the whole Church is you would not have accepted it. So I was correct. It doesn’t matter to you if the same things happen in the Adventist church as in other churches. You just reserve your bigotry for us Catholics. How does that beam in your eye feel now?

  12. openadventist Says:

    Mr. James, I must be honest today, I was shocked with what you said, but molesting in SDA was real. I still can’t belive that it did happen, although it obviously did.

    However I like that you mention all these cases, for if don’t acknowlede that it is happening we will not be able to stop it.

    I suggest mr James, for you and me to pray that these molestings in both churches stop, I wish God hear us!

  13. Fr. James Says:

    Finally you admit that this isn’t a “Catholic” problem that only exists in my Church. It has happened in the SDA church and has been covered up there. So if Catholicism is false because of that then so is the SDA church.

    This is a human problem due to sin. If you are to judge us solely by our sinners then you open yourself to the same judgment. If anything because of our experience we are ahead of the curve in stopping abuse.

    I suggest you concentrate on what we actually believe, not what you think we believe, but our real doctrines. If you want to debate us then that is where to start.

  14. openadventist Says:

    Yes sir, it’s sad but it’s truth

  15. azwildfan Says:


  16. Taabua Says:

    we are all sinners, but if someone act to be like God, I called him as devil.
    the reputation could not spoil by the action of the person who is belong to the church. therefore, there were so many priests around the world dedicated their life and gave their pledge to the church that they will not face the reality of life! but still they hide their face and the skin of the elephant on their body and they sit on the chair to make the confession that is taking down the role of Jesus Christ!!!! so if you think that you can’t commit please do the confession but if you know that your sin had been wash away by the sacrifice was crucify on the cross please to stand first, look at you and think about you.

  17. Jacob Mutabazi Says:

  18. samir Says:

    Where there is God there is Devil, So it is better to throw away that devil out from the good works.Also God is surely going to torment there soul in the lake of fire.

  19. Nolanga Says:

    This has not been the first time. I wasn` t the only one. I have encountered SDA men who pretended they wanted to marry me yet they only wanted to go to bed. Then I met one who never missed an opportunity to preach to me, then he molested me. His name was Zablon Mgonja from Tanzania. He begged me not to tell anyone. He only apologized only when i confronted him. From then on he wanted to act as if everything was okay and it had been swept under the rug. I told a fellow member i trusted but she said it had happened to her, I didn` t need to report to the police. I told the pastor. I don` t know what he did because I could not stand to go to the church. Every time I saw the culprit it brought flashbacks and nightmares. It`s been a year, why didn` t I go to the police? because I was under stress going through a divorce in which my husband blamed me for the molestation and I worked 3 jobs to get on my feet. I turned to the church and look where it got me. I`m still processing what happened to me, I need a therapist, but I` ll never trust the so-called church boys. Not everyone is evil, but a lot have been after my life. So i can only speak out and watch out. Please be warned.

  20. alys stutz-whitney Says:

    Very recently, I studied to become a member of the Seventh Day Adventist church. Two days before I was to become a member I looked online about child sexual abuse. i was shocked and sickened to find the Catholic Church, Seventh Day Adventist, and Jehovah Witnesses listed together as known for child/youth and vulnerable others sexual abuses in their churches. I read about lies, cover-ups, threatening victimes, swearing them to secrecy, secret payoffs, and other vulgar manipulations after horrendous sexual abuses, not in an occasional church but in many. And the SDA pedaphiles were often not confronted, some moved to another SDA church, i.e., Portland to Reno, and when prosecuted often receive light sentences. A northern Oregon attorney, forget his name, has successfully prosecuted SDA cases in spite of extreme resistance from the church. I read that one SDA group in Oregon efforted to declare bankruptcy during pay-outs to victims while hiding a lucretive real estate holding.

    I called a close SDA friend of five years to share my unwillingness to join after reading about the abuses, and I asked “What would Jesus thinK?, I cannot join the SDA church.” Jane said, ” Alys, just become a member; forget about all that. It doesn’t have anything to do with you.” I have to conclude she is, by default, an accesssory, and it sickens me. I am a sexual abuse survivor, have been in groups and led groups;. We survivors are like zombies, we are chronicaslly in a state of dis-ease. Trust is a big issue, and relationships are difficult.

    I have begun searching the web for SDA healing–SEARCH is an SDA school, sports, and church victims’ organization that says that each SDA church mandate an education program for all children and vulnerable others, parents and SDA leaders–to me, that includes all SDA facilities through the highest eschelon. Answer me: WHAT WOULD JESUS SAY? I say that every one in the church is accountible and is at the cause for cleaning out abominations.

  21. openadventist Says:

    alys, I liked your comment a lot. If you are shure that there is massive cover-up, directed from higher level, then you have full legitimacy to challange their authority. Thats obvious, and thats a matther of common sence, not a religious stand point.

    I suggest you to live by the truth you have found. Membership in any organisation will not make you saved. However if you think that attending SDA church is making you better person or having closer relationship to jesus, i suggest you going there, also if you have feeling that Church as such has bad influence on you, and that youre not getting more spiritual or closer to jesus, or makes you even worse then you’re now, i call you this moment to stop attending that church no mather if it’s sda or not 🙂

  22. the witness Says:

    I know for a fact that members of sda and relatives hid the truth about Brian Savage and for other reasons he should have been fired years before but to some people blood and politics and reputation are thicker than water

  23. freepress Says:

    Sir, sorry for beeing personal, but why didn’t you report it ?

  24. WhereIsTheTruth Says:

    i am glad this is still being discussed. Should be discussed at highest levels of church. Openly. SDA conferences are culpable when they move pastors and teachers around to avoid conflict. I know of two personally whose background in child abuse and abuse of position are still in pastor roles. unbelievable. Shame on the church. Where they should have been arrested and put in jail, they are free. I have personally seen how the boards conveniently use the rules to do their own bidding. The administrations of the church at all levels are cowards in this realm. Children and people searching for God and a relationship with Godly people suffer. The Kingdom of Heaven suffers as his children are driven away by abusers and predators. I have suffered at the hands of head elders and pastors. I have scars that will remain as long as I live and for generations. Where is the church? Leaderless, cowering in the corner on this issue.

  25. freepress Says:

    Great comment!

  26. WhereIsTheTruth Says:

    @openadventist – sadly the church (local, conference, national) does and is tacitly allowing the abuse. That is as bad as covering it up. Unfortunately i can prove it.

  27. freepress Says:

    Sir, I do believe there are wicked individuals here and there that use their position in order to humiliate and destroy human souls.

    However if you don’t do all you can in order to make their wicked acts to public you will be personally relyeble for them.

    Ap. Paul says that works of darkness should be exposed not hiden. If you can prove abuse what are you waiting for? Go to police. NOW

    You must do your part, let police to other, explain them you have no evidence, or little eveidence and that you need their help. im shure they will do their best to uncover that abuse.

    God bless you and i hope truth will come out.

  28. WhereIsTheTruth Says:

    @Nolanga, your pain is obvious and I hurt with you. The Church has left Nolanga with no options. No method to report her abuse. Shame on the church. They know human nature and don’t protect those who are weak and vulnerable. @freepress, your response seems directed at a “Sir”. I do not know if that was intended for me. Either way, i will respond. 1) Reporting is very difficult when YOU are the victim. There are emotional issues, embarrassment, humiliation, etc. The church has no such reporting method. I can prove the abuse, unfortunately it occurred many years ago. The police would not see it as a current crime. How can I prove it? Because it happened to me. At the hands of the head elder. I had no home and wanted to go to an SDA school. The family offered me a place to live at no charge. Of course, years later I realize that there is nothing for free. Do you want to hear all of the details? Would that be enough to open the eyes of the church leadership both locally and worldwide? I know that if I have one story (I have more) then there are many out there like me. I know that after I escaped he did not stop. there were others. Where men (and women) have absolute power there will be corruption. the Church MUST be vigilant yet it is not. They don’t care.

  29. freepress Says:

    I feel sad when you write so, for I can only imagine how it hurts you. But still If I were you, I would type the name of that bastard somewhere, I suggest you to type it here and describe all what happened. It will be good start, for when you open up Im shure others will. Ill tell you even more horrific fact.

    I run this website and get a lot of trafic, sadly 90% of ppl who come here have googled for sex abuse.

    Its so tragic that our church has choseen to close it’s eyes. However there is not too much I can do as a layman, except to make a website and point out to a problem. Im trying my best, I wish not to hide anything and I want to make that clear.

    Be free to type name of a guy who abused you with details so it will be credible 4 shure. I trust you, but if you don’t open up you will not be able to warn others of him.

  30. WhereIsTheTruth Says:

    I will tell my story. It is not an easy task for sure. Why did you start this website?

  31. freepress Says:

    In order to speak the truth…

  32. CryTears Says:

    My son was molested by two men in the church. One is a Mr Maurice Woods, a black music teacher who taught at Escondido SDA academy where my son was in 8th grade. Mr Woods is servinb 87 months in Federal Prison for raping a young boy he took up to Canada, his crossing US borders makes it a federal crime. He will face more charges upon his release, but for numerous other boys he’s molested. And then…there’s me. I WILL take justice into my own hands and Mr Woods will be needing a tube to pee thru when I”m finished with him!
    Google search his name to read more about this teacher.
    And then there’s the Pathfinder leader in Angwin, Ca, Leo Morgan. He raped my son while my son and brother spent the night in his home with his wife in next room. Leo Morgan told my son he would kill my brother if my son tells anyone. My son was so traumatized by this he’s had break downs and despises the church. Don’t blame him.
    My son kept this secret for 10 yrs, when we went down to Napa County Sheriffs dept they investigated and learned Mr Morgan was in fact an evil preditor BUT…his pastor and other church leaders stood behind HIM, supporting him despite there being numerous questionable things Morgan had done to many boys.
    The Conference Pres, Larry Cavenaugh at the time of our complaint believed what my son told him. But Mr Cavenaughs son was terminally ill and couldn’t help us. I do NOT blame him in any way as he is a very caring, Godly man and his son was dying so he couldn’t help us.
    He took leave for awhile and turned out case over to conference lawyers.
    I told them if any child gets molested after they’ve been warned and told what Leo Morgan had done, that I’d go to the news media, let them know the SDA church supports molesters.
    We were told the conference cannot dictate to local church who can take office or work in childrens divisions…I say BS!
    No one would believe what my son told them, said my son was trying to come out of the closet, that he’s gay. Ha! My son is happily married, has children, is NOT gay! BUT…he is NOT a Christian, refuses to allow his children attend church as this ruined his life.
    He suffers Post Traumatic stress, depression and more all because these men had sex with my precious son!
    The Sheriff could not arrest Mr Morgan despite their wishing they could. The leading sexual investigator told us the Mr Morgan was a classic dangerous preditor and were numerous others just as bad as him that the SDA church protected, didn’t want anyone to know.
    Well…I’m telling! I no longer consider myself an Adventist…i too despise the church and I’m angry at God for allowing it.
    I sent my son to the SDA church to get an education…NOT raped, abused, broken, shattered and destroyed!
    My brother who lived across from Mr Morgan, now he’s telling what happened. The nightmare he had to endure all these years, as did numerous other boys that lived in Angwin/PUC area before satans minion died. I pray Leo Morgan burns in hell forever!
    And Mr Woods. I AM coming after you! YOU are NOT safe around me!
    I WILL come get you and I don’t care about going to prison as my life was destroyed long ago and prison can’t touch me…I’m living in virtual hell now. My immune system failed me and I have very bad chronic pain from this. Thanks SDA church…thanks a lot!

  33. CryTears Says:

    One more thing. Because Leo Morgan raping my son was more than 9 yrs after our son broke down told us, the statuate limitations had run out.
    I think the law has changed now, not sure.
    But at this time, back in 1991 when we filed charges, my son passed polygraphs, Mr Morgan refused to take one, He had a doctors note saying he is impotent, and can’t have sex…well ok…maybe now, but this was 10 yrs ago, not today!
    AND his pastor wrote a letter of support, then tried to shame my son, saying all sorts ugly suggesting my son is gay. He’s NEVER met my son as we lived 600 miles from the Sanitarium/Angwin church.
    The pastor and Mr Morgan were good friends and he allowed Leo Morgan carry on as if nothing had happened.
    A few years later a lawyer from N Calif conference called us, wanting to fly my son down and were promising to make formal apology to my son. When we learned they wanted him to sign papers promising to NOT sue the church/conference my son became enraged with anger.
    THIS was just as hurtful as being raped anally, what Leo did to my precious 13 yr old son that night.
    My son told them where to stick their apology as this was NO apology as it had strings attached and all they were worried about was being sued.
    We had NO intentions of filing a law suit…but we sure did then.
    How wrong is this? My son was molested by 2 church leaders and then when he told, he was molested by the N Calif church conference.
    I renounced my membership to this church and will NEVER believe in their message ever again because all they cared about was covering their butts and NOT about healing.
    This has totally destroyed our lives and caused untold brokeness, sadness and destroyed lives because I trusted the Lord with my son.
    I want my money back! I need it to help pay counseling my son desperately needs as do I.
    I don’t want your prayers or cynical answers…I’m sure this will NOT get posted as I’m exposing truth.
    I was called by Pastor Cavenaughs co worker and was told that the pastor who supported Leo Morgan was arrested for molesting children, so they were working as a team, molesting children! Go figure!
    But…because most of the people there in Angwin either work for the college or the hospital and know if they dare tell, they WILL loose their job! I know…my mom did once we told! Yes…you read that right!
    My mom worked there 10 yrs without one single complaint until her grandson told what happened to him….isn’t that funny how the SDA system works? Nice folks….ha! And don’t ask me about when my home was destroyed by flood in 69 in Loma linda…and how NO ONE came to offer help or condolences after we lost everything! I was in 10th grade then…not one single person offered help. I had NOTHING! EVERYTHING was destroyed, taken by the flood…
    I should have walked away from the church then…had I left then, my son never would have been raped by 2 church members!
    I’m working on making a website that will detail all what I’ve written here and will be very big embarrassment to the church.
    The worst part was having them offer to apologize with an addendum to not sue…what a slap in the face big time!
    And…as long as I’m telling truth…a man in Gladstone Park church here in Oregon, molesting boys in that church. When I complained about him…was me who got in trouble as the pastor thought Terry Harper a wonderful “son”. Terry got caught when he molested 2 boys on his bus route. He went to jail 8 yrs and faces more charges once he’s out…but none of the church members willing to prosecute for his molesting their boys….why is it that the people in the SDA church support those who destroy lives? I don’t get it…I just don’t get it!
    There’s lots more molesters in the church, but I’m just talking about the ones who affected our lives…may they burn in hell and those who supported them as well!

  34. CryTears Says:

    I hope “Where is truth” come back tell his story. We need the truth to be told and NOT hold anything back.
    I’d rather have myself shot in the heart, than for my son be raped like he was by those two men.
    I am NOT telling one word of untruth and willing to take polygraphs. You can check out with the Napa Co Sheriffs Dept what Leo Morgan did to my son and got away with it only because his church supported him and statuate limitations ran out…those he molested, parents feared being fired, so they won’t talk! People who’ve made it hard for others to tell the truth WILL burn in hell!
    Mr Woods has never been charged or named in my sons rape because my son is far too destroyed to even tell…he says its not worth it, look what happend with Leo Morgan…nothing happend and he got away with it, but not with God!…i mean thats IF there is a God…I’m not so sure anymore as I think we were just chance evolution…there is no loving God, there is no heaven…there is nothing…when we die, is all over.

  35. WhereIsTheTruth Says:

    @CryTears – my heart breaks for you. I recently attended the GYC conference in Baltimore. To my surprise I found a booth there called The Hope of Survivors. Their website is It seems that they are on the right track. “The Church” is NOT on the right track. There should be a zero tolerance policy. There is not.

    My story starts when I am 13. I was not an SDA. All I wanted was to go to a Christian school so that I could study the Bible and learn more about Christ. I left home to attend the private school. The school helped me find a place to live for “free”. I was taken in by one of the church elders and his wife… and so begins my nights of sleeping behind locked doors and always afraid of the husbands advances toward me. The pressure was constant and sometimes resulted in knock down – drag out fights. Of course I was only a kid and he was a grown man. I fought hard. It could have been worse. He would also try to entice me with pornography or allowing me to drive his Corvette. This went on for 3 years. I had no place to go. My parents were divorced and my mother was on the road. I recently found out that Mr. Greenhill is not doing well. I know that he had other young boys live at his house after me. One that I know of was named Charles. I am trying to locate him. He also had a grandson. He was obsessed with talking about his grandson’s “pee pee”. It makes me physically ill to think about it.

  36. Mr J M Says:

    The men was are who should be walking with Christ are walking with Satan.Not all pastors are bad it only gets a few to make the church look bad.

  37. S. Peter Campbell Says:

    You are all acting like you dont know that the church (any church) is a micro-cosim of society in general. What happens in the world happens in the church. There are murderers and whoremongers and abusers in every church as in any society. For the record as anyone checked if the guy who presipitated this conversation was a pastor? Well he is not. The conference did not hire him and his name is not in the year book. He does not work for the church in any capasity. He is a lay member.
    Remember that the bible says “all have sinned and have come short of the glory of God” all sin is just that- sin. to argue that the Catholic institution is worst than the SDA is to engage in futility. Every denomination has suffered from this crime because people are people and as such sinners. It is dispicable and unforgivable in any language or religious persuasion.
    What are we looking for, comparison of volume of insidences? Get a life. It happens and will happen again. The church is like a candy store for the pedophile or the sexual abuser and so they continue to flock there to make their pick.
    Only God himself can protect the little ones and the weak from dalling prey. We should be more vigelant in spotting those who would conduct this dasterdly business

  38. stories of child abuse Says:

    stories of child…

    […]Sexual abuse within the Seventh-day Adventist Church « Open Adventist’s Weblog (rc2sda)[…]…

  39. sterling morris Says:

    I was abused by my 7th and 8th grade teacher who was also the principle this was back in and from 1966-1968 you didn’t talk about it back then I was a troubled kid and from a troubled home, he told
    me know one would ever believe me and he was right when I told my mother she din’t listen, then about a week or so I got a note from him on face book and he wants to no how I am. I about had a break down when I got this, I told my aunt about it for some reason they all believe me now. the conference says that it’s to late for me to do anything but they will look into it. Mr. Block is retired now, and enjoys long walks on the beach I live and fight with the thoughts that I deserve no better some of us just don’t matter and never did.

  40. Survivor Says:

    This is a note of support for Cry Tears. Maurice Woods is a monster and left a string of cases throughout his years of teaching. Had I known that he had been charged we could have all met at his hearing and given the judge the true picture.

    I don’t think that we have even touched the surface of his victims. I support you and stand by every word you say having had first hand experience with the predatory results of this teacher.

  41. Survivor Says:

    In regards to Maurice woods- The California Conference of Seventh Day Adventists, was aware of this abuse pattern and had spoken with Maurice Woods about his conduct. Charges in our city had been brought against him but were dropped with agreement of counseling.

  42. Surviovor Says:

    I was surprised to have my posts regarding support for Crytears and the sexual abuse by Maurice Woods removed. I will state for the record that there is a long string of sexual abuse victims by this teacher. I personally survived the abuse and live daily with the pain of being a victim and the long journey of survival and healing… You are not alone! and as we say about the holocaust- NEVER AGAIN!

  43. Survivor Says:

    I want to confirm for Cry Tears that Maurice Woods has a string of victims that cover years of abuse. You are not alone.

  44. T.A. de Bie Says:

    If you want to help stop the abuse and expose the abusers please join us…

    We have a project that we are calling “No Longer In The Shadows”. This website will be a place where victims of clergy and church leader sexual abuse can tell their story and the abuser(s) will be fully exposed. The website will also provide links to counseling and legal resources where victims can get assistance. There is a site for Catholic victims called “No Longer in The Shadows” would have a similar focus as the bishop accountability site. One of the major goals is to design it in such a way that this website would be among the first that would display when anyone performs a Google search on the pastor’s name.
    We are looking for people that are passionate about exposing the treacherous behavior that takes advantage of God’s children and threatens to destroy the very hope of Grace and Salvation. We need people interested in telling their story, willing to be part of a board of directors, and to monitor the website and social media.
    If this is something you would like to be part of please e-mail me indicating your level of interest. I can be reached at
    You can also “like” the Consortium of Clergy Sex Abuse Survivors on Facebook.
    Thank you for considering this opportunity.

    We need bloggers, web support, an abuser validation team, etc.

    This is not for the weak at heart. We need someone (or multiple people) to take a leadership role in organizing the website and consolidating the stories.

    Prayerfully consider this opportunity!

  45. CryTears Says:

    Thanks to those who understand and offer support for my heartbreaking situation.
    Our empty home on Christmas day was beyond heartbreaking. Why? Because of a few mens evil behavior has caused our lives to be broken and shattered.
    What bothers me is a few commentors here saying “all have sinned”.
    While I agree to this statement, when taken out of context one can make whatever they want fit into their way of thinking.
    You must admit there are some sins a whole lot worse than others.
    Such as, if I were to steal an item from a store, no one really gets hurt except me.
    If I lie or exaggerate about a person actions, I hurt a lot of people including myself…if I’m willing to gossip, spread ugly rumors behind ones back, then what does that say about me? are they safe outside my gates?
    Then there’s sins to oneself, Sins against God in disobedience to His word.
    Sins against nature, our littering can be ugly, over time can have an impact on a beautiful setting.
    Sins against our families, dishonoring our parents or authorities.
    Then there’s sins of destroying a childs life by molesting or sexual abusing them. Once the child is damaged, there’s no turning back. One cannot un-ring a bell!
    The destroyed child suffers the rest of his/her life as the memories of what was done to them never fades and PTSD, depression and low self esteem just to name a few maladies brought onto them by one single action done to them by a predator.
    The victim will always have issues with trust, beginning with their parents. Then their relationships suffer and they more than likely not want be part of the family as in my sons case.
    Having my son behave this way certainly affects our entire family.
    Its broken and shattered my heart.
    AND over the years its destroyed my health as my immune system is failing me miserably and I suffer endless days of chronic pain.
    I think of Mr Woods sitting in his cell. I’m sure he gets out for short breaks, out in the “play yard”, gymnasium and access to just about anything he wishes, including pornography AND no doubt enjoying all the sex he wishes! No doubt he’s got a “girl’friend” there in prison, plenty of gay men willing to do whatever Mr Woods enjoys, for a fee of course.
    I pray he gets AIDS! Or very least Hep C…but would he end up in same situation as me? Probably not…the prison I’m in has no bars, but I can’t work or earn an income and what little money I get from my disability check ALL goes towards my doctor bills.
    There’s times I wish I were dead and buried…most people with chronic pain have these same thoughts, so I’m not alone.
    But Woods will get out soon and he’ll be out there trolling the streets once again and he WILL find more victims who will be destroyed.
    So you see, there are some sins that just don’t fit into the category “All have sinned”…for not ALL have destroyed a child’s life by their sin.
    Even Jesus has something to say about one certain sin over another. He speaks more about this sin, than any others.
    He doesn’t tell that a mill stone around your neck and tossed into the deep ocean would be better than whats in store for them.
    So, you see, even Jesus has a category for this one sin over all the others combined as He see’s the devastation brought on by one persons “hidden” sin!
    He also made reference regarding sexual abuse as destroying a person and was the cause of one woman becoming a prostitute as her uncle had molested her as a child.
    I was in Law Enforcement in my younger years and worked in the womens prison systems.
    Every single drug abuser usually turns to prostitution as a way to pay for her drug habit.
    We love looking down our noses at these drug abusers and ladies of the night…but if you knew them and understood why they are where they are, perhaps you’d view them with compassion as I do.
    Nearly every single one of these prisoners suffered sexual abuse as a child. Usually was a trusted adult…funny uncle as was in my case, although I chose a different path to deal with my pain.
    These girls grow up suffering the lowest self esteem one can have. They believe they’re worthless and no one loves or wants them other than to use their bodies.
    They self medicate using drugs to cover up their painful memories….begins with drinking, then Opiod pain meds, then injectable drugs, heroin, cocaine, meth as way to alter ones feeling. These drugs give one a euphoric feeling, but then it takes more and more amounts of the drug to get these highs.
    And cost more and more money to buy them.
    They end up selling their bodies to just about anyone just to get their drugs.
    But in order to perform as a prostitute, one must get high to do the things most of the men demand.
    Imagine having some ugly fat man who stinks willing to pay you enough money to feed your drug habit.
    They “victim” will numb her mind up enough to perform whatever her “John” is willing to pay for.
    Now imagine her Heavenly Father having to watch His precious daughter be sexually abused when she was only 4 yrs old…
    His once beautiful baby girl with the big brown eyes, always laughing, smiling so much her eyes squint.
    But after the actions of just a few times being sexually abused, her smile disappeared, so did her laughter. She became sullen, scared and terrified of anyones affection because she couldn’t help but relate to the “special kisses” given her by an uncle and worried the next person would do the same.
    She became fearful of anyones attention or affection because she knew it always lead to being abused.
    So, when someone says “All have sinned” I’ll agree that is true, but…there ARE some sins much worse than another!
    As I’ve taken a chance and opened up my heart, sharing a taste of my nightmare life, I think you have to agree with my statement that NOT all the sins are the same!
    and not ALL these sins mete same punishment. I’m taking a chance, going out on limb here with stating I think the Lord will have a special extra long burning/torture for those who carries out their sins of sexually abusing children.

  46. Travis Says:

    There is most certainly sexual abuse running rampant within the SDA church. I am the son of a minister. I was born into the SDA church and have been the victim of sexual abuse under the cloak of the church, I have witnessed sexual abuse first hand. I have also seen my father and other SDA church administrators cover up the events.
    I would like to put a call out to anyone who attended SDA schools in the province of Ontario, Canada. If you have had an expierance were teachers, ministers or other church related administrators have compromised you sexually, please come forward and tell your story. Post your story on this site. We can bring this problem to an end if we all come forward and disclose our stories. Disclosure is key, once the secret is told the perpetrators can be identified and delt with by the police and courts.
    I’m sick of the secrets and I’m stoking out in any legal way possible. You should do the same, there is no doubt that there are thousands of victims of all ages that are copping with the sexual trauma received from within the SDA church. Let’s all stand and tell our dirty little secrets. Disclosure are the first steps to healing. Have to go, Travis

  47. ITS NOT OK Says:

    Is there any actual/ recent case? I was looking For a sda childcare For my daughter and all it Came out was child abuse sda members… Im shock to hear how Many cases are, but NOT suprise at all as i have only suffered since i became a sda member. I hope god Will guide us to know whats best

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